The Virtual GP

The Virtual GP is a unique product designed and developed for medical practices and surgeries. It comprises a virtual tour of the practice focussing on a series of short videos by the practice GPs.

These videos cover a range of common ailments and frequently asked questions.  The primary objective is to provide information and advice for patients - helping to reduce the number of unnecessary GP consultations.

The GP's videos can also be supported by practice nurse clinics, again covering core health issues and messages which benefit from regular reinforcement.

The virtual tour also includes a resource area which presents a range of PDFs and useful website links, as well as an optional 'Meet the Team' section.

It is completely customisable to suit the needs and priorities of any practice or group of practices.  It can also be easily updated.

The key is that it features the practices' own GPs, talking to their own patients in a familiar surrounding.

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